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Driving while intoxicated is one of the most controversial themes today, it is a very serious problem that most commonly has horrifying outcome. Number of deaths and injuries caused in traffic accidents which were consequence of a drunk person driving is constantly rising with each day.

Countries around the World understand the seriousness of this problem and they tighten the penalties for this offense with new laws and regulations almost every year. In order to reduce this situation happening, law even predicts embedding ignition interlock devices in the offender’s automobile or other vehicle used for committing this offense navigate to this web-site  . This device requires the driver to provide breath sample every time he wants to start the engine, and if the alcohol is found in the blood of a driver, the engine won’t start. Invention of this kind of device might prove to you that this is one of the biggest problems today. Even orange county Top rated dui lawyer would fail resolve the case without this invention.

Even if laws that predict driving under influence as crime along with strict and harsh penalties, exist in every country today, this does not mean you cannot drink a sip of wine before lunch. There is legally required level of alcohol in blood system for you to be considered drunk (legally), this level is 0.08% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), in other words 0.08 grams per deciliter. This rule is accepted in majority of laws. This level (BAC level of 0.08%) might be reached by drinking four drinks in an hour dig this , if you are a person weighting about 150-180 pounds. If you have less than 150 pounds, then three standard drinks should be enough. To get completely sober after drinking this amount of alcohol, you should wait at least six hours before getting behind your wheel. Any kind of advice you heard, such as exercising can make you sober faster, or chewing a gum would help you show lower level of alcohol, are completely wrong, they are all just a myth, all you can do to help yourself is to wait.

So if you want to drink a glass of wine there is no problem, just be careful if you get carried away and don’t sit behind the wheel in that condition.

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Myths and truths about DWI (DUI)

Driving under influence or Driving while intoxicated may be much more serious problem than it sounds. Driving while intoxicated may go without a problem which is most often the case, but it can have serious consequences, it can end up with driver’s or someone else’s injury or even death, and that is why this problem should not go unnoticed.

Every country considers driving under the influence serious crime or offense, and it predict harsh sanctions for this behavior which are often large fines or suspension or revocation of drivers license, in some cases even seizure of the vehicle in question.

As with other offenses and for this there are myths constantly invented of how to cheat tests or how to avoid getting arrested, since desire for not getting caught is so great, people often have vivid imagination in creating ways to cheat officers. For example there is a myth that is only that, the myth that drinking enough water can help you lower alcohol level in your blood system, which is completely wrong.

Exercising as well as taking a mint cannot help you cheat the alcohol test and cannot cause your blood alcohol content level to lower.

Only thing that can help you in sobering is time, if your blood alcohol content is 0.08 grams per deciliter, which you can reach by drinking 3 to 4 standard drinks, you will need about six hours to throw alcohol out of your organism, so don’t sit behind the wheel in that time, also if you drank a little more than that call someone to drive you wherever you need more info  to go or go by foot, it is a better option than causing a traffic accident which can lead to someone’s death and getting arrested and punished.

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